Förlorat pengar i konkurs

Bankruptcy Loss

That does not mean that your capital is lost! Let’s look at the possibilities of conducting a process together. Many cases are terminated and settled before reaching courts.

  • In more than 50% of all bankruptcies, there is a personal liability for the board.
  • Do you have a claim on a bankrupt company?

We investigate the company’s legal and financial situation. It often turns out that the board did not comply with current legislation, which can lead to that the representatives is liable for damages against suppliers and others with claim on the company.

Have you lost capital in a bankruptcy now or earlier?

  • We work with individual fees, which means we can create a partnership where we share the risk.
  • It happens that clients have been with other lawyers and received the answer that there is nothing to do.
  • We do not operate a process unnecessarily, because the compensation is depending on the results we deliver to you as a client!