Legal Services- when only the best is good enough

We offer legal services in most areas, but we have specialized in Business Law. We are in place in several countries and look forward to helping you.

Business law that makes a difference

We help you with the difficult decisions and choices. There are many questions for business owners to make decisions about. It can be anything from unpaid claims, tax issues or the company’s insolvency situation.

It is important to have knowledge of what can happen when establishing business in other countries. EU law has been created to join the European countries and to create a common market, based on the four freedoms, the free movement of goods, persons, capital and services.

Business law that creates extra value

Through our way of working, we create extra value and generate better business for our customers.

We have many business contacts who just want to address some ideas and have thoughts about the future of their company or have questions of how to handle major customer losses. The needs are different depending on companies and activities.

European law

EU law is central to legal development in the tax area, both in your country and in the rest of Europe. Court cases from the European Court of Justice and EU Commission initiatives is govern changes in our tax legislation. EU law takes precedence and overrides national domestic law when they differs.

Some of our legal services

  • Use EU law to protect your tax situation.
  • Apply and process when national law violates EU law.
  • Contract writing, review and risk caculation of agreements.
  • Monitoring of agreements where the client is one party.
  • Company’s rights regarding trademarks and company names.
  • Ongoing legal service for companies and its staff at all levels.
  • Represent you company in matters with legal nature.
  • Legal issues regarding the change of generations in the client’s company.
  • EU law
  • Liquidity Problems
  • Insolvency