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Accounting in Bulgaria

Our accounting prices are based on number of verifications. A verification is a document verifying economic activity, e.g sales invoice, purchase receipt etc. Some monthly calculations and reports are also included in the price.

High quality Accounting to low cost

Accounting for your Bulgarian company will cost from 66 EUR/month.

The price includes the following:

  • Up to 10 verifications (documents)
  • Reconciliation of balance accounts
  • Tax declaration
  • Salary calculation for 1 employee

Accounting Price list Bulgaria

Verifications per monthPrice/month
Up to 10 documents55 EUR
11-20 documents80 EUR
21-50 documents110 EUR
51-100 documents220 EUR
101-150 documents330 EUR
From 151 documents and moreOffer
Salary calculation11 EUR/employee
Calculation of monthly taxesFree
Submit monthly tax declarationFree
Prepare and submit annual account225 EUR