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Company owned car in Bulgaria

If your present car is registered in other EU country, you just drive the car to Bulgaria or we can assist you with transportation of your car to Bulgaria.

You can register the car as an assit in your new Bulgarian company. It only takes 3-4 workingdays to get the company ready.

Why register the car in Bulgaria?

There are no road fees in Bulgaria; you only pay a vehicle tax in the county where the company is registered (which will be the same as your company address).

  • ECO tax based on engine power and model year varies between approx 50-140 EUR per year (100-275 BGN).
  • Car insurance is about 100-250 EUR per year (200-500 BGN). Also insurance is based on engine size and age of the car. It is a comprehensive car insurance and is valid both within EU and outside EU.
  • Total annual cost for the car will be between 150-390 EUR.
  • If you like you can get your own license plate as 1111, 5555 or 9999.

Quick and easy process

Either you drive your car to Bulgaria or we arrange for collection with trailer. The registration is quick, and after that you drive your car back again (or we arrange transport).

We assist you during the registration process.

Buy new or used car in Bulgaria

You can choose to buy a car in Bulgaria instead of moving your present car. The car prices are among the lowest in whole Europe.