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Frequently asked questions regarding services in Bulgaria

Here you can find the most frequently asked questions with answers, regarding our services in Bulgaria.

  • Vanliga frågor Bulgariska Bolag
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  • 1. Is the company registered for VAT?

    The company we sell is totally new, registered directly with your details. We will apply for VAT on your company same day the company is ready.

  • 2. Can you help with bookkeeping?

    Yes, we have an accounting firm in Bulgarian and can assist you with both accounting and legal services.

  • 3. Is it possible to get a bank account in Bulgaria?

    Yes, corporate bank account is included in our company package.

  • 4. What business activity do the Bulgarian companies have?

    It is your choise. We regsiter the company with the details you give us, so you choose the business activity, you choose company name and company representatives.

  • 5. What about the share capital?

    The share capital in Bulgarian companies is minimum 2 BGN (1 EUR) and it will be booked as cash deposit in the company accounts. If you choose share capital of 2 BGN, you do not have to pay this, we will take care of this.

    But if you choose a lager share capital, the larger amount has to be deposit in bank during the registration process. This mean that you have to pay this to us before we can register the company. After registration you will get the capital back.

  • 6. What is the difference between EOOD and OOD companies?

    Both OOD and EOOD is Bulgarian Ltd's. är Bulgariska aktiebolag. The company designation depends on the ownership; if it is one or more owers.

    If one individual owns the company it is an EOOD. If there is more individuals or if a legal person own shares, the company is an OOD.

  • 7. Is the company clean, without debts?

    Yes, our Bulgarian company is totally new, and has never conducted any active business. So no debts, no agreements made and no commitments.