Skriva sig i Estland

Move to Bulgaria

If moving to Bulgaria you will pay flat rate income tax of 10% and on dividends you pay 5% tax. We will provide residential address.

Move to Bulgaria – We will assisst you

When we assist you to be resident in Bulgaria, we also provide a private address. You can use our address til you find you own place to live, and when you do, we will help you to change the address in the population records.

Migrate to Bulgaria – this is included

  • Register as resident in Bulgaria (population records)
  • Bulgarian national ID card
  • Private bank account
  • Residential address for 12 month

You can only be resident in one country. Therefore you have to inform your present resident authority that you have moved to other country. You will keep your citizenship.

Guarantee your support

To become resident in Bulgaria you must guarantee your ability to support yourself.  The best way to verify this ability is to employ yourself in your own Bulgarian company.

How does healthcare work when I move

It is important to be a part of the Euorpean Health Care system and the easiest way is:

  • Employ yourself in your Bulgarian company – your accountant can do this for you
  • Your company will pay social cost and income tax for you to tax office once a month. (It is possible to just pay minimi amount of 123 BGN/month.)

Of course you can take out salary, but there is no law or rule that you have to. The mimimun wage in Bulgaria is 470 BGN/month (approx 240 EUR).

European Health Care Insurance card

One month after paying social cost and income tax you are part of EHC and can order the EHC insurance card. The card is the same in all European countries and is valid within EU. If you need emergency care when in other EU country than Bulgaria, the card ensure that you get the same care as the residents in each country.

We can order the card for you!