Transporttillstånd Bulgarien

Bulgarian transport license

TRANSPORT BUSINESS WITHIN THE EU. EU regulations give the opportunity to conduct transport business within EU, no matter where your company is registered.

Set up a transport company in Bulgaria

  • Large savings can be made thanks to the low wage situation in Bulgaria both with salaries and social costs.
  • We will assist you all the way, from company set up until your transport license application is processed by the authorities.
  • It is easier to get a license in Bulgarian, than in many other EU countries.
  • We have good connection with the authorities.
  • Employ a “transport manager” in Bulgaria who already have all needed licenses

The requirements to obtaining a Community license (blue card) for international transport are:

A Community license is required for international transport within the EU and EEA.
  1. Certificate of Reliability (The carrier of the company must show that it is not convicted of any offense related to the transport operation).
  2. Professional competence (certificate of professional competence issued by a competent authority in an EU Member State).
  3. Financial stability.
  4. The application should include; company documents, document for economic status, certificate of authenticity, professional certificate, address of owner / rented garage and employment contract for transport manager.

Decisions are made within 30 days of the complete application. The license is valid for 5 years.