Danskt Bolag

Advantages Denmark

In a Danish limited company, shareholders do not have personal responsibility for the company’s debts. Ownership is limited to their shareholding. This means that the shareholders in the company have good protection and therefore do not personally suffer any liabilities in the company.

You can build up the share capital over time

Deposit 1 DKK in share capital, deposit 100 DKK in share capital or deposit 20,000 DKK – your choice! You do not have to deposit 50,000 DKK to register the company. Instead, you can put in a low amount and then you add more share capital as your business develops and sale increase.

When the company make profit, 25% of the profit will be put aside to build up the the share capital, as long as the book equity is less than 50,000 DKK. If it takes 1 year, 2 years or longer before the capital is fully structured, it does not matter.

Share dividend to owners

The Danish companies with the name IVS will build up a share capital of at least DKK 50,000 before they can give a dividend to the owners.