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Here you find frequently asked questions and given answers about starting a company in Denmark. The questions is primarily about IVS-Company.

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  • 1. What kind of business activity is conducted in the company?

    It is your choice. You give us your business desription and we register the company with the same. I t can be in building,  construction, media, consulting, any merhcant etc.
    We register the company with the details you give to us of owner, director, company name and business activity.

  • 2. How much is the share capital?

    Share capital in those Limited Companies (IVS) is 1-25.000 DKK and the capital is kept/booked as cash. The company will each year reserve 25% of the profit as share capital. And the capital shall build up in this way till it is total 50.000 DKK. How long time it take, does not matter.

    You keep the capital as cash or deposit into company bank account.

    You can at any time re-register your company from IVS to ApS (and top up the capital till 50.000 DKK).

  • 3. Do you guarantee that there is no debts in the company?

    Yes, as we not sell "used" companies. We register the company with you as founder. You will be the first owner, and the company has not excisted before you founded it. This means no previous business activity, no history and no debts.

  • 4. What about the share capital, if the company dont make profit?

    If the company don't make profit, there is no requriement that you shall make capital reserv. The share capital reserve is build up by profit.

    And as long the capital is less than 50.000 DKK the owner cannot take dividends from the company.


  • 5. How does it work with bank account in other EU country?

    It works fine. The bank account we supply in our Danish company package is an e-bank. The bank works just like other banks, with internetbank where you log in, they issue VISA-card and you can also connect your account to merchant payment solutions. You can both send and receive international payments.

    You do not have to make a bank appointment in person, instead everything is done online. You apply and you identify yourself online. We are partner with the bank, so if you have any questions just contact us and we will help you thru.

  • 6. Is representation deductible in Danish companies?

    Representation cost is deductible with 25% if the cost are useful for the company's sale and/or development. So if you have a business meeting at a restaurant, both meal and drinks are deductible with 25% of the cost.

  • 7. Can the company open bank account in Denmark?

    Yes, of course. It requries that you visit the bank and bring with you all your company documents and also your personal documents for identification.