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A company in Denmark called IVS is exactly the same type of company as those called Aps, with only one exception. The share capital will be DKK 50,000 in both variants, but in an IVS, the capital is paid over a longer period. While the total capital of an APS is paid during the registration process.

Company Denmark – Choose IVS (Ltd)

Both IVS and Aps are names of Danish limited companies. Then there is also a limited liability company with the name AS, but AS requires an paid up share capital of at least DKK 500,000.

In case of bankruptcy, the owners loose no more capital than they have deposit in the company.

A limited company becomes a legal person when registered with the Danish Company House. A legal person can, for example, sign contracts, have employees and own things.

IVS-Company is sometimes referred to as an entrepreneur’s company

An entrepreneurial company is regulated by the Companies Act and the requirements are:

  • The IVS company must be registered with the Danish Company House.
  • The share capital shall be between 1 and 49,999 DKK.
  • The share capital shall be in cash.
  • IVS company shall annually set aside 25% of its profits to a capital reserve (till total capital of 50.000 DKK is reached).
  • As an owner, you are not responsible for the company’s debts.
  • The assets of the company belong to the company and not to the owners.
  • The company shall have at least one director, who can also be owner
  • Owner can be natural person and/or legal person.
  • When the company is registered, it will get a CVR number (company number). At the same time, the company receives a digital mailbox that the public authorities can use to send e-mail to the company.

Digital mailbox and digital signature

All companies in Denmark must have a digital mailbox, where you receive your company’s mail. The authorities in Denmark send all business mail to the digital mailbox. To access the digital mailbox, you need a digital signature. It is easy to activate the digital mailbox and digital signature, but if you need help, we can assist you.

Company Denmark – More about share capital

To start an entrepreneur’s company (IVS), the owners must deposit a share capital of at least 1 DKK in cash. Management has a responsibility to ensure that the company has sufficient capital.

The company shall annually transfer 25% of its profits to a share capital reserve.

You can pay wages on a regular basis, but you can only pay dividend from the surplus (profit) when the company’s capital and share capital reserve together amount to DKK 50,000.

When the capital and share capital reserve of the IVS company amounts to DKK 50,000, the company can be re-registered to a private limited company (APS).


As an owner of an entrepreneur’s company, you are not personally liable for the Company to fulfill its obligations to others. You only risk losing the capital you have invested.

Management/Director of an IVS Company

An entrepreneur’s company (IVS) must have at least one director, which can be supplemented with a board or supervisory board.

Company in Denmark – More about ownership

You can start and own an entrepreneur’s business alone or with others. An owner can be either a natural person or a legal person such as a trading company or limited company. The owners make company decisions at a general meeting, and most often a simple majority (more than half of the votes) or 2/3 majority is standard.

The company must have an overview of all owners, and all shareholders with 5% or more of the share capital/votes must be registered in a public share register.

Annual Report

Based on the company’s accounts, the Director/Management shall prepare annual report to be approved by a general meeting and sent digitally to the Danish Companies Agency. The Danish Companies Registration Office publishes the annual report and the company’s economy becomes available to the public.

The company’s annual report shall be reviewed by an auditor first (for those who have appointed an auditor). Small companies can opt for auditors.