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Here you will find frequently asked questions and answers regarding English Companies (LTD).

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  • 1. What is a Company Secretary?

    Previous it was mandatory to have a Company Sercretary in an English Ltd. The secretary was responsible for reporting and submitting to the authorities properly in due time.

    Such as minutes of meetings and annual reports etc.

    From 1 of April 2008 it is voluntary to appoint a company secretary.

    But it is still required to submit and report to the authorities. If one fails to deliver reports etc within due time, the company can get a fine or even be dissolved. The owner can also get a fine or as worst scenario prison.

    If you choose our Company Secretary service we will submit the reports required.

  • 2. What about the share capital?

    The share capital can be any sum from 1 GBP and up. A higher share capital give more credibility to the company than a capital of just 1 GBP. You are not obligde to pay the share capital at the time for registration.

    Authorized capital, is the capital which the owners risk in the event of bankruptcy.

    Issued capital, is how much of the authorized capital actually paid into the company.

  • 3. What is "Nominee Director" and "Nominee Shareholder"?

    Nomiee services is used to make other than the real owner and real director be visible in the registry.