Bil i Estland på leasing

Company car in Estonia

It is advantageous to own a car through your company in Estonia. There is no vehicle tax and and in terms of the benefit value, the person using the car for private purpose will be taxed a small monthly amount for the benefit. The privilege is calculated on the engine size, for example an used Mercedes C200 Bluetech will cost approx 75 euro each month.

Several advantages of company car in Estonia

  • Low benefit tax
  • No vehicle tax
  • No driving log
  • Car insurance applicable inside and outside the EU
  • Full Europe warranty on new cars
  • Pay for fuel with your Estonian company cards

Here you will find your car in Estonia

Register your car in Estonia

Vehicles imported into Estonia must undergo registration inspection at the SRA’s inspection station before registration. The registration certificate shall show the original registration certificate of the vehicle imported from other EU country, including the date of the date of use or registration of the vehicle for the first time.

After registration you will receive a register and Estonian registration plates.

If you only use the car for business

If the company only use the car for business purpose a notice about his is made to Road administration authorities.

Leas a car in Estonia

There are various financing options to lease a car in Estonia. A prerequisite for the leasing application to be granted is that the company can show active business. This is done by showing the most recent balance sheet and income statements.