E-medborgare Estland

E-Residency Estonia

Estonia now offers virtual citizenship for anyone who wants to become an e-citizen in Estonia.

E-citizenship (ID card) in Estonia

From December 2014, foreign nationals who are not publicly registered in Estonia but who are affiliated with the Estonian state (for example, have a company there) may apply for Estonian e-citizenship. With Estonian e-citizenship, you will receive an ID card that you can use as an e-ID via card reader connected to your computer and get access to Estonia’s public e-services, sign documents with electronic signatures, etc.

Apply for e-citizenship in Estonia

The application for Estonian e-Citizenship is made online, and in the application, you will upload your passport and fill in information about yourself. You also pay the State fee of EUR 100 directly at the time of application. The card can be collected at several locations in Estonia, but also at Estonian Embassies around the world. You choose where you want to pick up your ID card.

Normally, processing takes about 10 days and if your application is approved, you will receive an e-mail message with information on when the card is ready for collection. Usually, it does not take more than 1 month, from application until you have received your ID card.

When you collect the card, you have to identify yourself with your passport, you might also leave fingerprints. You have to collect your ID card in person.

If you like we can assist you with the application, contact us for price.

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Note that e-Residency provides the right to perform electronic documents such as forming a company or signing documents digitally, managing bank accounts. But, at the moment, you cannot open a bank account with e-Residency, but development is ongoing to apply for a bank account through a video call with a banker.

The card is not a valid ID card or approved travel document and has no photo. E-Residency does not give the holder citizenship, or residence permit, nor does it give a general right to entry in either Estonia or the EU. Citizenship, residence permit and entry permit are assessed on a completely different basis.