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Here you will find frequently asked questions and answers about starting Company in Estonia.

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  • 1. Do I need to register the company for VAT?

    If your calculate with a turnover mer than 35.000 EUR you must apply for VAT regsitration.

    To get the application approved by Estonian tax office you have to show evidence of business activity in Estonia.

    Easiest way is to provide sales invoices, agreements with partners/cooperations, rental agreement of office or other facilities, bank account statment and an active website.  If you plan to sell merchants, goods and/or services in Estonia we will assist you with the VAT application. Within a week usually, tax office come up with further questions and they requires answers immediatly, so keep your e-mail inbox updated so you can reply to us right away. If no answers will be given to tax office within due time, the will decline the application.

  • 2. I have bad credit history in my home country, can this be a problem?

    Your credit background in your home country does not matter when starting business in Estonia.

  • 3. Will one person be enough to start business in Estonia?

    Yes, one person will be enough. This person can be both owner and board member.

  • 4. Can you help me to get a gaming license in Estonia?

    Yes, we can assist you with your application for gaming license. Contact us and we will give you a price offer.

  • 5. Can I choose bank in Estonia?

    We have a good relationship with Swedbank and choose this bank for our clients, where we have good, working routines.

    But if you wish to use some other bank, it is up to you. We can assist you when you file your application.

  • 6. Why do I have to pay for bank account, and why do I have to wait?

    Late 2017 the banks in Estonia started to take a fee for account applications, Swedbank will debit 200 EUR for approved account. At the same time they changed the account opening process so every application has to be reviued by compliance department before approved.  Most client will get the application approved within 5 working days. It is not often an application will be declined. In those case it happens, the reason has been that the applicant has not been able to show reason for account use.