Skriva sig i Estland

Move to Estonia

If you move to Estonia, you pay a flat tax of 20% regardless of the amount of income. In case of a dividend payment, you pay 20% in dividend tax. To register in Estonia, you need an address to register on.

Moving to Estonia – We help you

When we help you with the population records in Estonia, you will have access to a private address in Tallinn through us. If you get your own address later, you will let us know and we can help you move from our address to your own.

Registration of residence in Estonia

  • Registration of residence
  • Estonian id-card
  • Private Bank Account
  • Private address for 12 months

You can only be registered in one country. When the registration in Estonia is completed, you might give notice to your prevoius country of residence that you moved out. You retain your current citizenship and passport.

Rent or buy a home in Estonia

How does the healthcare work when I move

It is important that you become part of the European Health Insurance System, which will be easiest as follows:

  • Ask your accountant to register you as an employee of your company
  • Your company pay social security contribution to the tax office once a month (minimum of EUR 128,70)
  • After 3 months of payments you are included in the European Health Insurance System and can order European Health Insurance Card

Of course, you can also pay wages if you want, but there is no requirement for company owner to lift salary. The minimum wage in Estonia is 430 EUR per month.

Private health insurance

During the period from moving from your country until you join the European Health Insurance System (about 3 months) you may need to sign a private insurance in Estonia.

European health insurance card
EU-sjukkort Estland


After three months, you can apply for the European Health Insurance Card from the Estonian Insurance Fund.

The card is used for travel in another EU country and entitles you to basic healthcare in the country you visit. For example, when travel to your former home country.

We will assist you with both private insurance and health insurance cards if you wish!