Bolagsskatt Estland

Taxes in Estonia

Corporate tax in Estonia 0%

Company tax if profits remains in the company0%
Company tax on share dividend (paid by the company in Estonia)20%

In order to take advantage of the corporation tax is 0%, the profits are kept, undivident in the company. Therefore, it may be an advantage to invest the profit in the company and thus raise the value of the company. If you choose to take a dividends from your profit, the company is taxed by 20% on what you take out.


The general VAT in Estonia20%

Payroll Taxes

Social cost33%
Unemployment tax2,4%
Payroll tax20%

Salaries and social security contributions apply to employees of the Estonian company.

Benefit tax

Company Car used for business purpose0%
Private use of company car (unlimited)76 eur/month*
Tax-free mileage when driving your own car at work0,3 eur/km

*) The sum depends on engine size and also if car is new or used. Our example is calulated on a used car with 125 kW engine. The sum is social cost for the benefit and is paid by the company. To this also 46 euro/month is added, which is payroll tax for the private person and the amount is withheld by the company, but is no cost for the company.

Dividend Tax

Dividend Tax0%

The dividend tax applies to the shareholders. If the shareholders are registered in Estonia, the dividend tax is 0%. Shareholders residing in another EU country follow the tax rules in their home country.

Avoid double taxation

In order to avoid double taxation, you can invest in the company, for example.

  • New projects
  • Real Estate
  • Cars
  • Shares