Company in Latvia – a popular alternative

Latvia is one of the three Baltic states in Northern Europe. It’s northern border is to Estonia, southern to Lithuania and in the east both to Belarus and the Russian Federation.

Your new Latvian company is well positioned to be an effective EU intermediary for trade between west end the Russian-speaking countries in east. Latvia is a multi-lingual society where Latvian, Russian and English languages are commonly spoken and professionals are adept at working with both western and eastern business cultures.

We supply the complete scope of services required to open a company in Latvia and ensure additional services, including accounting and legal services, as follows:

  • Registration of a Company
  • Registration of a branch of the foreign company
  • Registration of a permanent establishment of the foreign Company
  • VAT registration
  • Accounting

Tax system in Latvia is one of best and gentle between countries in EU. For example, if you form a company in Latvia, and make profit – it is 0% Corporate Income Tax. Dividends you get from your Latvian company is non-taxable in case where company’s founder is a legal person in any other EU country or  witin the European Economic Area.

It is not necessary to come to Latvia in any phase of activities of company formation if you don’t have time.

Latvia is a member of Schengen Agreement

It means that Latvian residence permit allows you to enter and leave the country unlimited number of times during the period residence permit is valid, as well as travel free over the countries of Schengen Agreement (with rights of residence up to 3 months in 6 months period, without working permit in those countries).