Company in Lithuania – the largest country of the Baltic States

For several years now, establishment of companies in the Baltics have been popular. Lithuanian companies attract a different group of entrepreneurs than those who choose to start companies in Estonia and Latvia. Those who choose Lithuania have often been more focused to really take advantage of the benefits that Lithuania offers.

– when you know what you want

Several large companies are located in Lithuania. Most visible are the Swedish banks, which you see almost everywhere. Companies in recruitment and telemarketing area, in addition to banking and insurance, are common areas for establishment.

Company in Lithuania
– new opportunities

  • Lithuanian Ltd (UAB)
  • Bank account
  • Ready Made Company where the share capital of 2,500 EUR is paid.
  • Help with VAT registration.
  • At least 1 director, who may also be sole owner.

Corporate taxes in Lithuania

  • Corporate tax is 5% to 15%
  • The dividend tax is 0% when EU companies are owners. 15% for private individuals in cases where no double taxation agreement exists
  • Payroll tax is 15%
  • Social charges are 30,98% + 32,6%
  • VAT is 21%