Company Car in Lithuania

It is very beneficial to own/lease a car for a Lithuanian company. There is no vehicle tax or privilege value in Lithuania.

Company car in Lithuania, only benefits

  • No benefit tax
  • No vehicle tax
  • No driving log
  • Car insurance applicable inside and outside the EU
  • Full Europe warranty on new cars
  • Pay the fuel with your Lithuanian business card

Here you will find your car in Lithuania

Register your foreign car to Lithuanian

Vehicles entering Lithuania must undergo registration inspection at the National Road Administration Inspection Station before registration. The registration certificate shall show the original registration certificate of the vehicle for other country, including the date of use or date of registration of the vehicle for the first time.

After registration you will receive a registry document and Lithuanian registration plates.

Driving log

There is no requirement to write a driving log.

Leasing on start-up company

There is always a little more difficult when it comes to start-up companies that have neither the turnover or assets. This requires usually that you or your foreign company give security.

Contact us if you need help with your application for long term rent of a car in Lithuania. It is the finance company that make the decision but we do our best to help you.