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  • 1. Shall I pay the share capital?

    No, our companies are registered with the capital as cash. It is your responsibility that the owners will cover the company's share capital, but you do not need to deposit the capital at the time for purchase.

  • 2. Can I choose name on my company?

    Yes, but the company name must be in Lithuanian language. We have readymade companies with names, as you can choose from, but if you prefer another name, we will set up a company with your choosen name (but still, it has to be in Lithuanian languge).
    If you already use a certain company name for other companies you own, or manage, and want the same name in Lithuania, it is possible. You can apply to get an international company name granted by the authorities. We can assist you with the application, but we do not leave you any guarantees that the name will be accepted, as it falls outside our control. The application cost 350 EUR.

  • 3. Can I choose bank?

    When we register the company a temporary account is opened in the name of the company. When you is registered and visible owner/director, you are authorized to manage the company account and tranform the temporary account to a current account.
    But if you prefer another bank, you can open current account in any bank you want.

  • 4. Can my new company get a company car?

    Yes. There are several ways;

    • You can finance it yourself - no problem at all, of course.
    • You can turn to a company specialized in leasing for new started companies. They do their credit evaluation in a little different way than banks and other financing institutes.  We will assist you to get a long term rental contract with one of those lease givers.
    • You can apply for ordinary leasing or apply for bank loan, but in those cases the bank or the leasing company would like to see economic history in the company bank account. Often they ask for 6 month activity, but in some cases they will accept 3 month activity. Some requries longer period of activity and some requries security from you as owner.